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Recycled Irrigation Water: Hydroponic indoor vegetable operation

Recycled Irrigation Water

By Don Watson / July 1, 2021

PROBLEM/Solution Recycled Irrigation Water Problem: When using recycled irrigation water, hydroponic growing utilizes significantly less water providing a water conservation benefit with typically faster growth and greater plant yields. Although there are a few different methods with this type of growing, essentially it is the re-using or recycling of one main water volume. But, recycling irrigation […]

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Watson Well condensate unit

Condensate Treatment Reclamation System

By Don Watson / June 8, 2021

PROBLEM/Solution Condensate Treatment Case Study Problem: Grow facilities are being tasked with the repurposing of condensate water. Many cities are no longer allowing the dumping of condensate into drains without first recycling. Depending on the size of the facility, the daily volume of condensate being produced can be significant. One of our current projects is producing […]

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Hard Water Treatment for Agriculture – Solutions by Watson Well

By Don Watson / May 6, 2021

PROBLEM/Solution Is Hard Water Impacting Your Bottom Line? Problem: A customer called with increasing irrigation problems. His aging irrigation infrastructure was failing to deliver adequate water supply to different sections of his farm and was becoming more problematic with each season. During his grow periods, he would see random sections of plants begin to wilt […]

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Arsenic removal from water by Watson Well. Photo of cannabis cultivator in protective gear tending to cannabis plants.

Arsenic Removal from Water – Case Study by Watson Well

By Don Watson / May 6, 2021

Failed Arsenic Testing? PROBLEM: Recently a cannabis cultivator called saying that a significant amount of his final product failed state testing due to Arsenic contamination. After testing his soils and water, he found that arsenic levels in his well water exceeded the MCL levels of 10PPB and felt that water was the main contributor to […]

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blog saving crops from boron boron-toxicity-in-cannabis

Saving Crops from Boron

By Don Watson / April 28, 2021

Many farms suffer devastating plant damage from toxic levels of boron. Sometimes these excessive levels appear in the specific farm soil, or they are delivered via irrigation water or both, and when they do, farmers are faced with low crop quality and yields. The mineral boron is a micronutrient commonly found in small amounts in […]

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Fusarium Wilt in Cannabis

Fusarium Wilt In Cannabis – An Introduction – 1/4

By Don Watson / June 25, 2020

Cannabis Growers Alert: Fusarium and How to Treat It –
Article 1 in a 4-Part Series

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Fusarium In The Legal Cannabis Industry

Legal Cannabis Industry Is The Hardest Hit By Fusarium – 2/4

By Don Watson / June 18, 2020

Cannabis Growers Alert: Fusarium and How to Treat It – Article 2 in a 4-Part Series

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Fusarium Crop Damage

Why Fusarium Is A Particular Threat To Cannabis Growers – 3/4

By Don Watson / June 11, 2020

Cannabis Growers Alert: Fusarium and How to Treat It – Article 3 in a 4-Part Series

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Ozone In Fusarium Treatment

The Secret Weapon in Fusarium Treatment in Cannabis: Ozone – 4/4

By Don Watson / June 4, 2020

Cannabis Growers Alert: Fusarium and How to Treat It – Article 4 in a 4-Part Series

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Using Dissolved Oxygen in Agricultural Farming

Using Dissolved Oxygen in Agricultural Farming

By Don Watson / February 20, 2020

Dissolved oxygen can drastically increase a plants ability to utilize nutrients and defend against pathogens, while increasing yields and significantly decreasing plant shrink. Dissolved oxygen (DO) is the measure of how much oxygen is dissolved in water. DO naturally enters water through direct absorption, rapid water movement, and as a byproduct of underwater plant photosynthesis. […]

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Solving Hard Water Problems For Farmers & Irrigation Systems

Solving Residential & Agricultural Hard Water Problems

By Don Watson / October 4, 2019

Irrigating crops with hard water doesn’t pose a health issue for people, but hard water does have a negative impact on irrigation delivery systems, soil quality, and plant health.

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Sanitizing Mold & Fungi in Condensate Water for Agricultural Use

Sanitizing Mold and Fungi in Condensate Water for Agricultural Use

By Don Watson / October 4, 2019

In recent years, greenhouses and growhouses have begun installing HVAC condensate reclamation systems to reduce water usage. But condensate must be sanitized to prevent the potential spreading of bacterial and fungal diseases.

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Eliminating Biofilm Buildup in Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Removing & Controlling Biofilm in Agricultural Water Irrigation Systems

By Don Watson / August 28, 2019

Growers know biofilm builds up in pipes, tubes and irrigation trenches, but don’t realize that eradicating biofilm can improve crop quality and yields.

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Reducing Heavy Metals In Commercial Cannabis With Ozonated Water

Reducing Heavy Metals in Commercial Cannabis with Ozonated Water

By Don Watson / July 25, 2019

Conscientious growers who have been careful to sell what they thought was safe, uncontaminated cannabis products are being blindsided by California regulations.

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When Should You Shock Chlorinate a Water Well?

When Should You Shock Chlorinate a Water Well?

By Don Watson / July 24, 2019

Shock chlorination is the easiest, cheapest way to sanitize well water that has been contaminated.

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