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Hard Water Treatment for Agriculture – Solutions by Watson Well

By Don Watson / May 6, 2021

PROBLEM/Solution Is Hard Water Impacting Your Bottom Line? Problem: A customer called with increasing irrigation problems. His aging irrigation infrastructure was failing to deliver adequate water supply to different sections of his farm and was becoming more problematic with each season. During his grow periods, he would see random sections of plants begin to wilt […]

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Arsenic removal from water by Watson Well. Photo of cannabis cultivator in protective gear tending to cannabis plants.

Arsenic Removal from Water – Case Study by Watson Well

By Don Watson / May 6, 2021

Failed Arsenic Testing? PROBLEM: Recently a cannabis cultivator called saying that a significant amount of his final product failed state testing due to Arsenic contamination. After testing his soils and water, he found that arsenic levels in his well water exceeded the MCL levels of 10PPB and felt that water was the main contributor to […]

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