Surface Water Discharge

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Watson Well can design and install Ozone treatment systems for Surface Water Discharge. Disinfecting Water can reduce COD’s (Chemical Oxygen Demand), TSS’s (Total Suspended Solids), and Tannins using ozone to break down the contaminants and pathogens.

Features and benefits ozone processed water can provide crops

  • Up to 300% increased dissolved oxygen
  • Creates an aerobic environment, water tanks to soils
  • Kills all coliform & pathogen bacteria on contact
  • Eliminates biofilm contamination from pipes, tanks & pumps
  • O3 protection from powder molds & other fungi
  • Creates hostile environment for microbial pests
  • Oxidation of minerals, heavy metals & organics
  • Increased yield through healthier plants
  • Reduction of crop loss
  • Organic, environmentally safe, residue-free
  • Reduction of chemical use
  • Decreases time to market
Benefits Ozonated Water
Water Treatment Tanks And Pipes Inside
3 Large Water Storage Tanks Outside
Surface Water Discharge Pumps And Piping

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