With the Watson Well Ozone Water Treatment System, we offer growers and commercial and agricultural companies the most effective way to treat biofilm.

Biofilm Removal

Biofilm is the thick layer of greenish or brown scum lining the inside of pipes. In its earlier stages, it often manifests as a slippery, mostly clear material that can be felt inside pumps, pipes, water tanks, or other continuously wet surfaces. Virtually every greenhouse irrigation system has biofilm. Unfortunately, biofilm is a significant contributor to plant diseases because it can host bacteria, viruses, toxic algae, fungi, E. coli, and other harmful pathogens.

Many methods previously thought to destroy, eliminate, or reduce biofilm have been found to be ineffective. The most effective way to treat biofilm is with continuous ozone contact throughout the complete irrigation system. Ozone neutralizes free floating cells, kills bacterial biofilm on contact, detaches the matrix, and does not leave any negative residue harmful to plants. Our ozone treatment system can reverse this biofilm problem in greenhouses and provide plants with continuous protection from diseases caused or worsened by biofilm.

Bacteria In Water Due To Biofilm

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