Site Construction

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Watson Well has the equipment and experience to provide all the construction services necessary for the proper installation and finishing touches of your water system.

We self-perform all aspects of the water system design and installation including all necessary site construction to assure its proper operation and the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our projects start with a USA Digs survey, which allows us to identify any existing underground infrastructure that would intersect with new plumbing or electrical installations.
Once the site has been surveyed, we proceed with the necessary trenching or grading. We also provide all grading that is required for new tank pads and pump house locations, properly filling, compacting, and finishing dirt work, and utilizing laser levels to ensure that all new site construction is on stable, level foundations.
Our underground plumbing installation details include:
  • Excavation and grading is performed utilizing mini-excavators, skid steers, and cutting-edge Hilti laser-leveling equipment.
  • We offer core drilling of various sizes.
  • We handle all underground infrastructure, from the well to the point of use.
  • We build smaller gravel-filled tank pads, but can also install concrete pads that are structurally sound for larger water tank loads or weights.

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