Residential Water Treatment Solutions in Northern California

Watson Well has been installing residential water treatment systems for many years providing families with pure safe drinking water no matter the water source. If hard water deposits is affecting your appliances, your shower glass has hard water spotting, faucets have developed white calcium build up, or you see reduced water flow due to clogged service pipes – a new metered Water Softener would be the perfect solution for your home. Tired of rotten egg smells, or the taste and smells of chlorine from your city water supply, we can easily remove it from your water many times using just one multi-blend media filter.

Well and spring water can provide other challenges for home owners such as Bacteria, Arsenic or other natural occurring minerals being delivered from the water formations in the earth. Iron staining is a serious problem that causes significant and costly damage if not treated. Although elevated Iron levels in water are not typically classified as toxic to human consumption, the staining of clothes, sinks, toilets, even the sidings of homes from irrigation over spray can be unsightly and expensive to repair or replace if left untreated.

Does your water supply contain bacterial contaminates which make your water undrinkable? We recommend testing your water at least twice a year to be sure nothing has changed with the quality of your water supply and that any existing treatment systems you may have are working properly. If your testing shows the presence of bacteria, depending on site conditions, we may recommend one of these different treatment methodologies (U/V Light, Ozone, or disinfectant Chemical techniques), used to purify your water from dangerous pathogens providing you with pure safe drinking water to the home. Give us a call, we can solve any water quality issue your experiencing.

Our residential treatment systems are designed to deliver safe and refreshing drinking water from groundwater wells, springs, ponds, creeks or other water sources, utilizing a variety of treatment techniques including Ozone. 

Our Ozone generators are sized based on the unique requirements per job, providing the proper amounts of ozone generation for exceptional disinfection and oxidation of minerals sulfides and other contaminates present in the water supply. 

Unlike much smaller inadequately sized ozone systems, designed to work inside water storage tanks, our systems can kill all pathogens, and oxidize the most demanding levels of minerals for final filtration providing clean fresh tasting and smelling drinking water.

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