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Boron is a Problem

Boron deficiencies are associated with wilting and rotting of plant leaves and stems, as well as fruits and crops that are stunted or discolored, or which succumb to secondary fungal infections. Growers across the world struggle with natural occurring boron deficiencies in cropped soil, which has led to boron being one of the most commonly used soil supplements in agriculture.
Regardless of the cause of boron accumulation, excessive boron in soil—or groundwater—poses a serious challenge for growers.
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Root Damage Due To Boron Toxicity

Boron toxicity can lead to root damage and crop loss.

Excessive boron is toxic, causing a variety of health problems in plants, including damage to roots.

A common symptom of excess boron is the yellowing and browning of leaves, sometimes referred to as “leaf burn.”

One of the most common symptoms of exposure to excess boron is the yellowing and browning of leaves, sometimes referred to as “leaf burn.” This is particularly evident at the tips and edges of older leaves, which eventually dry out and die.
If the issue isn’t remedied, browning and tissue death will spread throughout the affected plants and even the entire crop.
Grape Vines Affected By Boron Toxicity
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Watson Well Offers Solutions For Boron Problems

Our ozone water treatment system has proven to be effective in removing a variety of biological contaminants and excess mineral content from water. We also have treatment methods to significantly reduce toxic levels of Boron from irrigation water.

Boron Removal From Water

Recently, we were successful in treating a water source with boron levels of 39.0 ppm pre-treatment. After treatment, boron levels were reduced to 0.170 ppm, a reduction of 99.6%. At these levels, boron is barely detectable and perfectly safe for plants.

Features and benefits ozone processed water can provide crops

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