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We use Ozone to oxidize and filter minerals and heavy metals. Iron, manganese, boron, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury including hydrogen sulfides are among the many organic materials which are cost effectively removed from contaminated water sources.

Water Filtration, Reduce Minerals & Heavy Metals

Water filtration is critical to ensuring plant health, as unfiltered water can contain organic material and oxidizing minerals, both of which consume dissolved oxygen in the raw water, as well as in storage tanks and water distribution systems.
Clean water will grow healthier and more profitable plants, so the critical first step in improving the quality of water starts with an effective filtration system. Each water source is different and provides its own unique set of filtration challenges.

Our system uses ozone to oxidize various contaminants and undesirable minerals, along with a variety of heavy metals including arsenic, lead, and cadmium. Once the contaminants are suspended in solution, they are easily removed from the water through filtration. Our ozone system will easily remove rotten egg smells or sulfur smells which are usually caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide or bacteria in the source water, which is also detrimental to plant health.

Growers should know that these are not untested claims. For instance, ozone has long been used in industrial applications to oxidize harmful heavy metal contamination in wastewater and mine drainage to render the resulting water safe. Watson Well has simply made this technology accessible to farmers, growers, and other members of agricultural and food sectors.

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