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Many well owners are unaware that a well can be rehabilitated rather than having to re-drill. When well performance changes, it can be a result of organic or biological conditions slowly clogging off the perforations prohibiting water from entering the well. Newer wells can also suffer drastic yield changes in a short period of time due to the same down hole conditions developing at an accelerated rate. Various methods including NSF rated chemicals with special brushing and swabbing methods can break up the cloggage inside and outside the perforations allowing water to flow into the well once again unrestricted.
Turn to Watson Well for the experience and equipment to properly rehabilitate wells that over time have suffered significant production or water quality changes. In addition, we offer a variety of other water-related services as well as our own excavation equipment for the installation of underground infrastructure. Give Watson Well a call if you need a service to your existing well or water system, or if you would like to improve your water quality.
Well Inspection Camera Image

Before: yield less than .250gpm

Well Inspection Camera Image

After: yield increased to 18gpm

Well Inspection Camera Image

Iron bacteria clogging well perforations

Well Inspection Camera Image

Clogged Well Screens (well age, 2yrs)

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