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Reverse osmosis (RO), also known as membrane filtration, is a technology that drives a high pressure water stream through semipermeable membranes, reducing TDS (total dissolved solids), and other harmful constituents dissolved in water. Our RO systems use special high pressure membranes sized for specific flow rates and operate at pressures that can exceed 350-400 psi.
Reverse Osmosis System Equipment

Exceptional farms begin with exceptional water

Unfiltered water can contain excessive levels of minerals, heavy metals or other organics that can contribute to poor crop performance or even excessive crop losses. 

Watson Well will utilize reverse osmosis technology in various system designs when it can provide the customer with an efficient, and cost effective solution to resolve water quality issues which other treatment methods can struggle to achieve.

Because the pores of these membranes are so fine, attention to pre-filtration is very important. Effective pre-filtration will remove the larger solids in the water significantly extending the life of the membrane by preventing the fine pores from scaling or clogging. Pre-filtration is determined by the minerals or solids identified through lab tests and can vary based on the conditions of the raw water.

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