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Exceptional Farms Start With Exceptional Water

Are you a commercial farmer?
Are your crops being impacted by a problem with your water?
We have helped many farms improve crop quality and yields by improving the quality of the water being used.

Is Boron Toxicity Impacting Your Plants?

Growers across the world struggle with natural occurring boron deficiencies in soil.

Increase Dissolved Oxygen

Although there are a few methods being used to increase DO levels in water, ozone is by far the most effective method for providing the highest levels of DO.

Remove Minerals & Heavy Metals

We use Ozone to oxidize and filter minerals and heavy metals, and to cost effectively remove them from contaminated water sources.

Destroys Pathogens & Other Contaminants

Ozone is 3,000 times faster than chlorine or other chemicals in killing dangerous pathogens in water.

Biofilm Removal

The most effective way to treat biofilm is with continuous ozone contact throughout the complete irrigation system.

Hard Water Treatment For Agriculture

We offer metered water softeners which provide significant savings for commercial companies & agricultural companies and cannabis growers.

Non-Neutral pH

We have a variety of chemicals for agricultural companies and cannabis growers that can be injected into the water to bring pH levels back to neutral.

Tannin Removal

We can process tannin-stained water using our Ozone Water Treatment System, producing uncontaminated water for farmers and growers.

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