Ion Exchange Water Treatment

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Ion exchange

Also known as media exchange or deionization, can be an extremely effective method in removing highly selective contaminants found in water. You are probably familiar with the common water softener which is a perfect example of the ion exchange process. This method of water treatment is achieved by passing the contaminated water through media filters filled with specially engineered cation and anion resins. 

Ion exchange describes a specific chemical process in which positively charged cations and negatively charged anions are attracted, bonding to the surface area of the resins. Once the media is exhausted (the resins surface area is full), the filters will be placed into a regeneration process which releases the bond between the surface area of the resin and the contaminate, flushing the contaminate to drain. The regenerated filters are then placed back into the next duty cycle.

Watson Well uses many overlapping treatment technologies when presented with certain difficult water scenarios. When designing our treatment systems, water treatment by ion exchange may be incorporated in order to solve very specific problems other technologies may struggle to accomplish.

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