Fire Damage Restoration

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Water Wells & Water Systems Destroyed By Northern California Fires

The Carr and Camp fires are just two of many devastating Northern California fires that have left properties without water due to severely damaged wells and water systems.

Well Repairs & Fire Damaged System Replacement

Watson Well has the experience to repair fire damaged wells including the restoration of the sanitary grout seal while replacing any damaged or melted well casing. We use well cameras to inspect how far the damaged casing extends below grade. In situations where the well pump has fallen to the bottom of the well, our video inspection will indicate the position and depth of the lost drop pipe so proper recovery tooling can be determined.

Booster pumps, and treatment systems are replaced as needed. We can repair or replace any damaged infrastructure. Options for water tank replacement can include steel tanks fitted with fire suppression attachments. Strategically placed fire hydrants at property entrances or along driveways, all with national fire threads and reflective markers can be installed. Our steel tank volumes begin at 5000 gallons and can exceed 800,000 gallons.
Watson Well understands the importance of water when trying to remediate property from fire damage. We have all the necessary experience and equipment to repair wells including restoring permitted sanitary well seals while replacing damaged well casing. We have well video cameras capable of identifying the depth and view of lost well pumps necessary for planning the methods for recovery of the lost down well equipment.
Watson Well can provide new systems to replace those that have been lost to fire, including consultation on the best method to replace, excavation, and installing all necessary equipment.

Permitted Well Repairs & Storage Tank Replacement

Watson Well is licensed and experienced for well repairs and the recovery of debris lost in wells due to fire damage. When Poly water tanks have been damaged beyond repair, we have replacement tanks that can provide you with immediate storage for water delivery while your damaged water system is being rebuilt.

Water Quality Restoration

We can chemically clean wells to restore water quality or contamination due to fire damage.

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