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Variable frequency drives save you money by varying motor speed to match water demands. By eliminating pump cycling, energy costs drop and motor life is extended. The bigger the motor HP, the bigger the savings and efficiencies.
Water Pipes With Pressure Gauge

Avoid Voltage Spikes

When water is called for, the drive controller provides a soft ramp-up of the motor eliminating expensive and damaging amp spikes as experienced with traditional pump controllers. As the water demand slows, the controller softly slows the motor speed until the pressure set point is achieved. The slow pump ramp up and down also helps control water hammer that is sometimes present with certain water system designs.

Variable Frequency Drive Pumps

The variable frequency drive (VFD) is directly activated by slight pressure changes communicated by the use of a pressure transducer. VFD pressure transducers replace the more traditional use of pressure switches used in conjunction with larger sized pressure tanks and pump control boxes. This eliminates on and off pumping cycles while extending the life of the pump motor.

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