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Watson Well provides quality water solutions including well drilling, pumps, water treatment, and service.

Watson Well 3rd generation

Watson Well: the next generation

Watson Well is a family owned and operated business based in Eureka California serving customers that are located throughout six counties on the North Coast of California and throughout the Hwy 299 and Hwy 36 corridors east to Redding and Red Bluff. Watson Well provides drilling services for domestic, agricultural and commercial water wells. Once our wells are drilled and developed, our pump division works closely with our drillers to properly size and install pumps to the specific performance of each well while respecting and protecting our valuable ground water resources. Watson Well also designs, installs, and services water well systems for domestic, agricultural, or commercial use. Our treatment systems deliver safe and refreshing drinking water supplied from ground water wells, springs, or other water sources. Our service technicians skillfully evaluate and repair electrical or mechanical problems related to well pumps and pressure systems. We have pump trucks that can pull and replace heavy deep set well pumps. We are experienced and have the special tooling used in the recovery of pumps or column pipe that have broken off and landed at the bottom of the well. We have the latest technology in well cameras allowing us to video inspect well casings up to 1000’ deep with down well views, side views and 360 views, digitally archiving the recordings for the study of the wells condition. Being able to inspect inside a well is important in the evaluation of wells that are no longer performing as when they were new. This inspection process identifies the type of well construction, casing joints, any casing breaches. We closely inspect all the perforations identifying any organic or bacterial deposits that are blocking the flow of water into the well which results in the overall decline of the wells yield or wells production. We have the experience and equipment to properly rehabilitate wells that over time have suffered significant production or water quality changes. We offer a variety of other water related services as well as our own excavation equipment for the installation of underground infrastructure. Give Watson Well a call if you need a new well, service to your existing well or water system, or need to improve your water quality.





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