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We value our customers, and it’s important to us that they get the results and the quality of service that they need from us. Below are some of the things our customers have to say about their experience with Watson Well.

"Every Part of my Life Demands Clean Water"

We bought this piece of land in 2015, towards the end of the 4 year drought. It had so much of what we wanted and yet right away it was clear the water was problematic. All of the sinks and toilets in the home were stained with iron and manganese buildup from years of brown water. At times it was so thick with iron bacteria it was creamy peanut butter in color.
My past successes in the garden were put to the challenge right away. As my clones died, my indoor cannabis garden struggled, the outdoor irrigation clogged constantly having to be replaced even with filters. It was like gardening while rowing upstream. I led an impassioned search for a filter that could handle the home and also the size of the garden with very few options, none of them ideal. Nothing that could connect to my existing 2” line that covered the entire property for garden and fire protection purposes.

When I saw the email from Watson Well I called immediately. Don was instantly likable and informative. He had positive answers for everything I addressed and within a week he came for a site visit. After reviewing our water test we made an appointment to hook up the skid designed specifically for my water issues. They provided information for financing that made the decision that much easier. Not long after Chad and Trent Watson came and within 2 1/2 days we have as much fresh oxygenated water as we could dream of to our entire property.

My plants have never looked more green and healthy. Gardening now with the natural flow. My cloning success is back up in the 90%, the health of the garden is clear to everyone that comes by, and I can report an increase in yield already this year. My sinks and toilets are white rather then orange. Clean water makes everything better and for us on the farm it equals happy. Happy garden, happy home, happy life.
Forever thankful to the Watson family.
They also remember to check in and make sure we are operating with ease.

Faer A. Reel
Mendocino County Cannabis Farmer
Undeniable, Inc.

"Incredible Difference in Our Crops"

In less than two months of using water made from Watson’s Ozone Water Treatment System, we are watering our farm with clear pure treated water which actually contains over 300% more dissolved oxygen to all the plants roots. The difference it is made with our crops this year is incredible.

Chris Hayes, Justice Grown

"My Plants Have Never Looked So Good"

Just wanted to thank you for your recent servicing of my Ozone Treatment System for the 2021 season. I am very happy! My plants have never looked so good on this property as they do now.
Thank you very much.
George McBride

"Dissolved Oxygen is Having Amazing Results"

Ozone system is working great. As predicted, the Dissolved Oxygen is having amazing results with the plants.

Ken Lance

"I Can't Believe What You Were Able to Do with the High Boron Levels"

I cant believe what you were able to do with the high boron levels coming from this crazy well. I would have been ecstatic with results just below toxic levels but non detect, really!

Eddy C.

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