Media Filtration

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Media filtration is the use of different types of media’s to capture various solids in water whether a surface water source or well water. Minerals such as Iron and Manganese may be in solution coming out of the well and will require Ozone, Chlorine, or Peroxide to oxidize and bring out of solution for filtering. There are other engineered media’s that will absorb sulfides from well water which cause rotten egg smells. Activated Carbon is another type of media that acts like an organic sponge removing chlorine and other organic smells and tastes from well water or city water. Different sized sand and gravels will create a filter bed that will capture silts and other solids, sometimes in conjunction with chemical coagulants to bind the finest finds into something large enough to be captured in a filter.
Resin, Polymer Micro Beads With Activated Carbon For Ion Exchangers

Mixed Bed Filters

Another example of our ability to blend technologies in our water treatment system designs is our mixed bed filters for municipal residential customers. We will install media filters that combine Water Softening Resins with Activated Carbon. This will remove the hardness in the water while removing the chlorine smells and tastes all in one filter.

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