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Condensate Treatment Case Study

Problem: Grow facilities are being tasked with the repurposing and treatment of condensate water. Many cities are no longer allowing the dumping of condensate into drains without first recycling. Depending on the size of the facility, the daily volume of condensate being produced can be significant.

One of our current projects is producing in excess of 2000 gallons of condensate water per day. One major concern with using condensate water is that airborne pathogens can be drawn into the HVAC/Dehumidifier systems contaminating the condensate water.

Watson Well Condensate Unit
Condensate treatment: Once condensate water is exposed to Ozone, it is passed through a self-cleaning filter capturing any particulate matter.

SOLUTION: For the project just mentioned, we draw the condensate water into our ozone recirculating system immediately exposing all pathogens to the incredible disinfection power of ozone. Once condensate water is exposed to ozone, it is passed through a self-cleaning filter capturing any particulate matter, including any oxidized heavy metals introduced from the air control systems. It is then blended into the finished water supply waiting for distribution to the gardens.

This finished water volume is also recirculated continuously back through the ozone system exposing the newly purified water to fresh levels of new ozone which insures a continuous volume of disinfected water at all times in the grow environment.

Another benefit of our ozone solution is the levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) being increased and maintained in the finished water tanks. As this DO water is being directly distributed through the facility, biofilm issues are remedied by changing an anaerobic environment into an aerobic environment.

Also, the increased DO significantly improves the health of plants and the increased production of plants. Very dynamic results provided by one system, and all chemical-free.

Greenhouse Hvac System
Greenhouse HVAC System
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