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Condensate Treatment Reclamation System

By Don Watson / June 8, 2021

PROBLEM/Solution Condensate Treatment Case Study Problem: Grow facilities are being tasked with the repurposing of condensate water. Many cities are no longer allowing the dumping of condensate into drains without first recycling. Depending on the size of the facility, the daily volume of condensate being produced can be significant. One of our current projects is producing […]

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Hard Water Treatment for Agriculture – Solutions by Watson Well

By Don Watson / May 6, 2021

PROBLEM/Solution Is Hard Water Impacting Your Bottom Line? Problem: A customer called with increasing irrigation problems. His aging irrigation infrastructure was failing to deliver adequate water supply to different sections of his farm and was becoming more problematic with each season. During his grow periods, he would see random sections of plants begin to wilt […]

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Solving Hard Water Problems For Farmers & Irrigation Systems

Solving Residential & Agricultural Hard Water Problems

By Don Watson / October 4, 2019

Irrigating crops with hard water doesn’t pose a health issue for people, but hard water does have a negative impact on irrigation delivery systems, soil quality, and plant health.

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