The Secret Weapon in Fusarium Treatment in Cannabis: Ozone – 4/4

Ozone Kills Fusarium And Improves Plant Health
Ozone kills fusarium and improves plant health.

Fusarium Treatment in Cannabis

This scientifically proven method to treat fusarium in cannabis is the utilization of ozone in the water treatment process.

Manage ALL Pathogens Organically with Remarkable Results.

Watson Well’s Ozone Water Treatment System is an all-natural solution to fungal infestation so growers can eliminate the use of costly and ineffective chemicals like peroxide, chlorine and other fungicides. It also works perfectly as a, “preventative medicine” for plant health.

Ozone 101

Ozone (03) is a naturally existing gaseous chemical element in the Earth’s atmosphere and is widely known as the layer of gas that prevents the Earth from frying to a crisp by blocking the Sun’s searing Ultra-violet rays. Its symbol on the Periodic Table you’ve seen in your high school chemistry class is included with the pure element—oxygen, “O”. In the atmosphere and water on Earth, oxygen likes to bond with other pure oxygen atoms to become a double molecule, O2. In the atmosphere, Ozone is also created when three oxygen molecules bond to form a triple oxygen molecule, O3. When applied correctly, both oxygen and ozone together are miraculous cures for eliminating pathogens and purifying your growing operation’s water supply.

How Ozone Treatment Kills Fusarium in Cannabis Crops

Ozone Is A Powerful Oxidizer
Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that kills fungus varieties like Fusarium while making plants healthier.

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that kills fungus varieties like, Fusarium, Pythium, Botrytis, Phytophthora, Verticillium, Aspergillus, and Podosphaera that infect your plants, lurking to build up in irrigation lines whether you have a large-scale outdoor operation or large-scale indoor hydroponic systems. These slimy, often rotten-smelling scum build ups inside your irrigation system and pipes are called “biofilm” and are host to damaging fungus strains and pathogens you are trying to purge from your water supply, irrigation systems, and ultimately from effecting your plants.

With our Ozone Water Treatment System, you can forget about the time-consuming expense and inefficient methods of trying to purge your water lines from biofilm. During irrigation maintenance periods, sending our O3 residual water through irrigation lines will completely kill all forms of bio-pathogens, including viruses which also consume the free oxygen content in water. Once irrigation maintenance is completed, reverting to normal system operations will provide continuously high levels of dissolved oxygen through the newly disinfected irrigation lines converting the farm’s irrigation system into an aerobic environment eliminating the possibility of future bio-pathogen contamination.

When F. Oxysporum and Pythium spores, or other bio-pathogens enter our system from the farm’s raw water source, it comes into immediate contact with Ozone being injected in the proper proportions and all the nasty pathogens that otherwise would collect and threaten the roots of your plants are killed on contact. Your plant roots, free of fungus will now be able to maximize their nutrient and water uptake. With your new purified, oxygenated water supply, your plants will begin to thrive, and your yields will increase like never before. This is because a plant’s root system needs ample supplies of oxygen to even begin the process of absorbing water and nutrients for the rest of the plant.

The Added Benefit of Ozone Water Treatment: Increased Oxygen

To make this happen, the ozone O3 breaks down into oxygen O2, enriching your entire crop with previously unseen oxygen levels. What we mean is that comparatively speaking, regular water supplies have lower ppm levels of oxygen. When we process the same water with our ozone treatment system, you’ll be excited to discover that your water oxygen levels will elevate to new levels you never thought possible.

We say “excited” because if you choose to use a water supply from a pond, or supplement a water supply from HVAC recaptured condensate water, all fungi, pathogens, and molds are killed on contact while returning substantially increased levels of oxygen back into the water which in most instances do not exist from those types of water sources.
With our system, the revived oxygenated water allows the root systems of your plants to turbo boost their nutrient intake while as previously mentioned providing an ongoing aerobic environment destroying the biofilm deposits in your system which were former breeding grounds for more pathogens.

Ozone Kills Fusarium and will Improve Plant Health

When it comes to providing pure pathogen-free, oxygenated water to your outdoor crops and ensuring your HVAC recaptured condensate is rich in oxygen and free of pathogens for your greenhouses, hydroponic grow rooms, and nurseries, it’s tough finding another water treatment method that comes even close to the combined capabilities and advantages we pack into our superior Ozone Water Treatment System.

This is article 4 in our 4-part series on Fusarium and How to Treat It. If Fusarium is affecting your cannabis crops, or other crops, we may be able to help.

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