Arsenic Removal from Water – Case Study by Watson Well

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Failed Arsenic Testing?

PROBLEM: Recently a cannabis cultivator called saying that a significant amount of his final product failed state testing due to Arsenic contamination. After testing his soils and water, he found that arsenic levels in his well water exceeded the MCL levels of 10PPB and felt that water was the main contributor to his failed testing. He contacted a local water treatment contractor who installed an arsenic filter. After a few weeks of processing water, a lab test revealed that the new filters were not having an effect on reducing arsenic levels.

Arsenic Removal From Water: Image Of Arsenic Symbol From The Periodic Table.
Arsenic removal from water by Watson Well.

SOLUTION:  We installed one of our Ozone Arsenic systems resulting in complete elimination of arsenic and any future concerns of valuable crop losses. Our Ozone system provided many additional features and benefits to the farm besides just solving the Arsenic problem.

Arsenic (As) is most effectively removed from water when converted from As(III) to As(V). Watson Well utilizes an Ozone Oxidation process to make this conversion.  Once this arsenic conversion is made, a very efficient filtration process provides us with 1significant arsenic reduction, and in most instances complete arsenic elimination.

Example: A load of well water tested 58ppb for arsenic. After processing through our Ozone demo system, a new lab test reviled non-detect levels of arsenic (link to two redacted state lab tests, will send via email).

Learn how we can remove arsenic and other heavy metals.

Spring Contaminated With Arsenic In New Mexico.
Spring contaminated with arsenic in New Mexico.
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