Greenhouse Wet Walls, Algae and Calcium Buildup

Greenhouse Wet Wall With Calcification.
Our ozone water system provides superior chemical-free disinfection of pathogens while removing hardness, breaking down algae buildup and other solids that accumulate in wet wall delivery systems.

PROBLEM Solution Greenhouse Wet Walls, Algae and Calcium Buildup

We received a call from a farm that had extremely hard water which was calcifying the wet wall delivery system restricting even water distribution to the top of the walls. There were also significant calcium deposits that had developed throughout the pads of the walls also restricting water distribution across the pads; directly impacting the cooling of the greenhouses.

Wet Wall Calcium
Beginning of calcium build-up on a wet wall.

Another issue was that the closed loop system had developed a significant algae problem despite the use of chemical disinfectants. Algae was beginning to overtake the recirculation water tank along with developing a significant algae growth within the wet wall pads. The concern was that the biofilm in the wet walls, and the recirculating system had become a host for additional pathogens providing pathways directly to the plants.

The solution was to install one of our ozone systems designed to inject continuous volumes of ozone into the recirculating system’s water. Ozone water is then circulated to and from the wet walls providing a superior chemical-free disinfection of pathogens throughout the closed loop system. We also sized two self-cleaning filters; one to remove the hardness in the water entering the system and one to capture the breaking down algae and any other solids that have accumulated in the recirculating system.

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