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Watson Well harnesses the power of ozone technology with other treatment methodologies when designing and building our agricultural water treatment systems for commercial farming.

Ozone is a superior oxidant and unmatched organic disinfectant providing multiple benefits all in one technology. Combined with our filtering methods, we can reduce minerals, heavy metals, while providing chemical free disinfection. Our systems significantly reduce or eliminate the amount of waste water discharge used – compared to other treatment technologies.
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Ozone is generated when energy “splits” the stable O2 bond into individual atoms. Once the oxygen atom bond has been broken, the single oxygen atoms try to re-bond or revert to their natural state of O2. During this natural occurrence, three oxygen atoms may temporarily bond together making O3 gas. We say temporarily because as previously mentioned, ozone is very unstable, always wanting to shed the third atom and revert to its natural state of O2. Ozone will degrade over a time frame ranging from a few seconds to 30 minutes. The rate of degradation is a function of water chemistry, pH, and water temperature leaving no chemical residuals behind, only greater levels of dissolved oxygen.
One common method to “split” or break the bond of the O2 atoms is by passing dry, clean air through a high voltage electric field which is known as corona discharge (just like lightning strikes). Once we have generated ozone gas, we utilize a method called a venturi which creates a vacuum pulling the ozone gas into the raw water.
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Exceptional farms begin with exceptional water

Our ozone systems have positive impacts with all types of farming – but especially with extremely sensitive plants like Cannabis. Whether outdoor farming, greenhouses, or hydroponic, all farms recognize the immediate benefits of using Ozone produced water. Just one of many benefits of using water made with ozone is the increased levels of dissolved oxygen (DO), which alone, will create an aerobic environment for the plants resulting in the control or elimination of pathogens, reduction in crop losses, and increased plant health and yields.

Features and benefits ozone processed water can provide crops

  • Up to 300% increased dissolved oxygen
  • Creates an aerobic environment, water tanks to soils
  • Kills all coliform & pathogen bacteria on contact
  • Eliminates biofilm contamination from pipes, tanks & pumps
  • O3 protection from powder molds & other fungi
  • Creates hostile environment for microbial pests
  • Oxidation of minerals, heavy metals & organics
  • Increased yield through healthier plants
  • Reduction of crop loss
  • Organic, environmentally safe, residue-free
  • Reduction of chemical use
  • Decreases time to market
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Ozone is a colorless gas that has an odor similar to the smell of the air after a major thunderstorm. The oxygen we breathe (O2) is made up of two oxygen atoms that naturally bind to each other and are very stable. Ozone gas (O3) has three oxygen atoms which consist of a stable pair of (O2) atoms and a third very unstable atom. It is this unstable atom that gives ozone its exceptional power.
Ozone is a fast-acting powerful germicidal agent, far more powerful than peroxide, chlorine, chloramines, or chlorine dioxide, and capable of rapidly neutralizing bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew, and other organisms, from water all without toxic compounds or leaving harmful residues. Ozone is also an extremely powerful oxidizer, far more efficient than many chemical processes currently used. Ozone will precipitate out of solution many minerals, heavy metals, and organic or chemical compounds with a short reaction time.

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