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Watson Well is experienced in the recovery of pumps and column pipes that have broken off and landed at the bottom of a water well. Most lost well pumps are the results of someone who is inexperienced and lacking the proper equipment to safely pull the pump. Pump loss also sometimes occurs due to the corrosion and eventual failure of pipes or fittings suspending the pump.

Watson Well has a large inventory of specialized tooling and pump derricks of various sizes, all specifically designed for the recovery of well pumps from wells of all depths. Depending on how much equipment is lost in the well, and how big the well casing is, first we will often send our well camera into the well to inspect the lost equipment and identify how it is positioned in the well, and then determine which tooling is best for recovering the equipment.
Recovering pumps and other lost equipment isn’t just a matter of avoiding the need to purchase new equipment. If the equipment isn’t retrieved, you also lose the footage of the well occupied by the pump at the bottom of the well.

If you have lost a well pump, or have gotten a pump or other equipment jammed in your well while trying to service or replace it, Watson Well can help and get your well back up and running as fast as possible.

Recently, a customer called us and said that several decades prior, he had lost his well pump, as well as some attached pipe and wiring, dropping all of it to the bottom of his 400 foot well. At the time, he was unable to find anyone who was experienced in pump recovery, so they resorted to using city water, leaving the well unused for 30 years. He asked us if we could assist in retrieving the long-lost equipment, and restore the well to operation.
We started by sending our camera down the well to find out how deep the top of the remaining drop pipe was. Utilizing a custom recovery tool that we designed and built, we were able to connect to and recover the dropped pipe, wire and well pump. Once the well was cleared, we sounded the well, and found it was actually 480 feet deep. Eventually, a new well system was installed, and the well was put back into service.

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