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With Watson Well, you come to one place to get comprehensive service that meets all of your water needs. Our goal is that your water system will become a background function for you, so you can have confidence in its operation and focus on other things that are truly important.

We have the experience necessary to deliver safe and refreshing drinking water from groundwater wells, springs, streams, ponds, creeks, and other water sources, utilizing different treatment techniques as needed to address whatever quality issues are present.

Whether you have no existing water system, or have been frustrated with low water pressure or flow rates, we can help.

We have developed customized water delivery systems for a wide variety of customers, including homeowners, farmers, hotels, casinos, and wineries. But despite the differences in their circumstances and needs, they all faced similar problems:
  • Fluctuating or low water pressure
  • Poor water quality
  • Old water systems with failing components
  • Premature equipment failure due to pumps cycling unnecessarily
  • High electricity bills
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Regardless of the issue, our pump and treatment system design process always begins with a site check to gather information on your specific water use needs and infrastructure requirements. We collect water samples, which are tested at a state-certified lab to measure mineral content and determine if bacteria is present in your source water.
Once we receive the lab results, we can design a water system that fits your needs. Traditional solutions use filtration to adjust pH, soften water, and remove sediment, iron, manganese, tannin, and hydrogen sulfide. For more challenging water, we can utilize our cutting-edge ozone water treatment systems to remove arsenic, boron, and high levels of iron and manganese. Removal of bacteria such as E. coli, colloform, and other pathogens can be achieved with chemical injection, UV disinfection, and ozone treatment.

Let Us Design a Professional Water Delivery System for You

Watson Well’s attention to detail enables us to help customers who have been frustrated by the failures of other water system installation companies.

Successfully designing and installing a water system requires that personnel be properly trained, pay attention to the fine details, and experience needed to understand the importance of good habits. You deserve to get what you’re paying for, which is why we ensure that water tanks are always installed levelly and on solid foundations, and that every pipe and fitting is installed correctly and neatly.
We are not haphazard component changers. We know how to properly troubleshoot electrical and mechanical problems with water systems and wells, and replace only the components that have failed, and nothing more. In addition, we utilize truck-mounted water sounders which allow us to identify water levels and well pumping levels, which is critical for properly sizing pumps and troubleshooting underperforming wells.

With Watson Well, you come to one place to get comprehensive service that meets all of your water needs.

Our Goal Is That Water Will Become A Background Matter For You That You Never Have To Spare A Thought For, So That You Can Focus On What’s Truly Important.
We self-perform all necessary infrastructure, including concrete tank pads, pump houses, trenching, and grading. All of our water systems are clean and efficient, utilizing the latest in pump technologies. All pumps are protected against low water conditions, and all plumbing and electrical work is well organized and done to code.
Lastly, we keep meticulous records of our wells and water systems, documenting pressure settings, cycle times, elevations, electrical services, pump sizes, and any other information which may be necessary to refer back to should an issue arise.

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