Well Pump Technician (Trainee)

Watson Well is seeking a trainee for a Water Well Pump Technician position for our Northern California, Eureka facility. We are an innovative Water Treatment and Well Service Company. Trainee candidate will be required to have some basic electrical, plumbing and mechanical experience either from working in the construction trades or from trade school classes. Company will provide training to candidate on how to install, troubleshoot, repair and service downhole (well) and surface water pumps, motors and associated equipment. Trainee will also learn the proper installation and servicing of basic water treatment equipment. Trainee will work with teams to install complete water systems which will include below and above ground infrastructure, water storage, pumps, and water treatment equipment. Candidate must have a current California Driver’s License and be insurable. A commercial driver’s license is a plus. Candidate will be trained and will be required to operate company vehicles including pump derricks. Experience hooking to and pulling trailers is a plus. Candidate will be responsible to load and maintain company work vehicle for daily work assignments as well to maintain clean picked up environment at the shop. Training on the proper operations of pump truck, sand lines and working with down well tooling, wrenches, and other associated equipment will be provided by lead operators. Forklift certification is a plus. Welding experience is a plus. Experience operating mini-excavator or skid steer is a plus. Periodically the candidate will be required to work out of town for multiple days with a team but will receive premium pay for out of town work.
Please send your resume to [email protected] and someone will contact you shortly after reviewing.

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