Project Manager

Watson Well is seeking a Project Manager (PM) position for our Northern California, Eureka facility. We are an innovative Water Treatment and Well Service Company. The successful candidate has some basic understanding of water treatment systems and water well pumping systems including the different operational components. Must have some basic knowledge of plumbing, electrical, pumps / pump curves, and water wells. Must be highly organized and detail oriented. Excellent communications skills – verbal and written required. PM will consult with clients, vendors, and personnel in other departments to discuss and formulate project directions, construction methods, and resolve any production issues. Must have the ability to coordinate many different activities.

General Summary

The PM will be responsible to manage daily service calls along with new construction projects. This will involve receiving the initial customer phone calls, walk-in customers, and interfacing with company sales personnel. PM is responsible for work order entries and written work order instructions. PM is responsible for all necessary material procurement and documentation of material received for specific jobs. PM develops initial job schedules for their individual projects working in conjunction with production manager. PM will be responsible for tracking job progress, purchasing/organizing job materials, tracking job costs, and final billing. PM will be responsible to answer questions from production manager or technicians regarding specific jobs and will maintain job communications with customers. PM must have working knowledge of estimating software, spreadsheets, data bases, and other software programs. Educational degrees or trade school certificates of completion are a plus but not necessary. If you are currently working in the water well industry as a field technician, treatment specialist, or as a supply chain distribution water specialist, you probably have the experience we’re looking for to successfully transition into the fulfilling position of a project manager, who is intimately involved with projects from the initial stages of design and engineering through the successful implementation of water, and water treatment systems.
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