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Watson Well is a family-owned-and-operated business with our main office in Eureka California. We
serve customers on the Northern Coast of California and throughout both corridors east to Redding
and Red Bluff. Give us a call and see how we can help you with your water needs.


Do-It-Yourself, expert advice with everything you need for most your water system projects, from pumps, pressure tanks, controllers, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, water treatment filters and media, softener salt and much more.

It is hard to believe that it has been 9 months since I called you with an “out of water” problem on our property. It is not the call that any one on a well wants to make during a record breaking drought. You were here in a very short time and after taking in all the normal diagnostics you were concerned about us being dry but not convinced it was a true dry well. I think we were very fortunate that you had the ability to put a camera down our well to see what was happening and came up with a plan to rehabilitate our well after you discovered our weep holes for the well were plugged with iron bacteria, calcium and stuff. It gave us hope that we could get this reliable well up and running. You pulled the pump and line and determined that pump was fine. Once that was clear you put in the proper chemicals and literally scrubbed our well pipe of the “stuff” and found that our well was over 200’ deep. Water flowed and once the junk was sucked out of the well bottom and the chemicals neutralized we had 18’ more water which put us at over a 50’ column of water, of course this was fantastic. While here, all new water line and electrical wire was reinstalled and new electronics that were more current and a vast improvement of what we had. Since then the water keeps flowing with generous amounts and quality.

“Thank you so much for the excellent response and care we have received. Your crew was courteous, prompt, clean, knowledgeable and very hard working. Your family run business has always been super to work with and we hope to continue our relationship far into the future. Please feel free to use this letter if you with for any recommendations we could encourage. We recommend your company to all our friends and acquaintances.

John and Elizabeth Ennis