Using Dissolved Oxygen in Agricultural Farming

Using Dissolved Oxygen in Agricultural Farming

By Don Watson / February 20, 2020

Dissolved oxygen can drastically increase a plants ability to utilize nutrients and defend against pathogens, while increasing yields and significantly decreasing plant shrink. Dissolved oxygen (DO) is the measure of how much oxygen is dissolved in water. DO naturally enters water through direct absorption, rapid water movement, and as a byproduct of underwater plant photosynthesis. […]

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Reducing Boron Levels in Irrigation Water and Growing Soil

Reducing Boron Levels In Crop Irrigation Water

By Don Watson / December 3, 2019

Many farmers suffer devastating plant damage due to water and soil with toxic levels of boron, resulting in poor plant quality and decreased crop yields.

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Eliminating Biofilm Buildup in Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Removing & Controlling Biofilm in Agricultural Water Irrigation Systems

By Don Watson / August 28, 2019

Growers know biofilm builds up in pipes, tubes and irrigation trenches, but don’t realize that eradicating biofilm can improve crop quality and yields.

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