Boron Removal From Water

July 30, 2020

Customer Problem/Solution Example: Saving Crops from Boron

Boron Removal From Water
Boron removal from water is essential for healthy crops. This cannabis plant is showing typical signs of boron toxicity with browning of the leaves.

Boron Removal From Water
Customer Problem/Solution Example: Saving Crops from Boron

Recently we received a desperate call from a grower who was losing all his plants to high boron levels in his water. We initiated a current lab test, and after seeing the results we recommended that he use delivered water until we could process a load of his raw water through our ozone testing unit. We wanted to see to what impact our system would have with these extreme levels of boron.

Virtually Complete Boron Removal from Water

His raw water levels tested 71 ppm of boron (highest level we have seen to date).

After our treatment, the state test showed results of 0.062 ppm – barely detectable and definitely out of the dangerous toxicity levels. With temporary water delivery in place, we moved quickly to build him an ozone treatment system custom-sized for his farm’s demands.

Boron Removal From Water
Boron removal from water can be achieved quickly and effectively with Watson Well’s ozone system. Just one pass of our system reduced boron from 71 ppm to virtually zero.

Exception Farms Start with Exceptional Water

Imagine your farm being the best it can be. Watson Well is your partner in achieving exceptional water for an exceptional farm.

Boron Removal from Water: Getting Started is Easy

All it takes is a simple conversation to get started improving the health of your water – and farm! Removing boron from water is just one of the problems we can help with.

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