Ag Pump & Water Systems

Sub Turbine Set On Galvanized Pipe
Watson Well installs and services Sub-Turbine, and Line Shaft Turbine pumps for Agriculture and Municipal water systems, used where the flow rates are much greater than smaller submersible pumps. The primary difference between the two types of pumps is that a Sub-Turbine pump (like a submersible pump), has the pump and motor submerged in the well; whereas, a Line Shaft Turbine has the pump immersed in the well, and the motor is on top of the well set on a distributor head.
Line Shaft Turbine
A Line Shaft connects the pump to the motor through the center of the column pipe. When the motor on the Line Shaft turns on, it spins the line shaft, connected down at the pump, and delivers water up through the column pipe, out the distributor head to the point of use.